NeoGroup & Supply Wisdom At OWS19

///NeoGroup & Supply Wisdom At OWS19

NeoGroup & Supply Wisdom At OWS19

Global sourcing is an important part of the transformation puzzle. Enterprises need strategic partners, co-creators, and collaborators more than ever, as they embark on transforming their businesses and markets. Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) are high on Executives’ agenda. How can data enable and empower your business? How can you intelligently automate parts of your operations? Who can help you with the right solutions at the right time?

OWS19 is a great place to meet industry thought leaders, share knowledge, and collaborate on emerging technologies.

NeoGroup and Supply Wisdom will be at OWS19.

NeoGroup is a trusted voice in the services sourcing space, with a reputation built on helping clients in Global Services Sourcing. Meet us at the conference to explore how our Advisory and Managed Governance Services can equip you to achieve your services sourcing goals.

Supply Wisdom, a NeoGroup company, equips governance, risk management, vendor and supplier management teams with continuous, real-time risk intelligence. Supply Wisdom’s multi-category risk intelligence for both suppliers and locations equips enterprises to maximize Risk Assessment cycles, while avoiding the time and expense of one-off, all-encompassing assessments.

With our two decade legacy in global sourcing advisory, managed governance services, and risk monitoring, we operate at the intersection of opportunity and risk.

Meet us at the event to learn how we can enable multiple functions within your enterprise to collaborate in the pursuit of digital innovation.

Learn more about OWS19 here.


Marriott Orlando World Center, Orlando, Florida

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