Sourcing For The Digital Era: Meet The NeoGroup At The AI Conference, NYC

///Sourcing For The Digital Era: Meet The NeoGroup At The AI Conference, NYC

Sourcing For The Digital Era: Meet The NeoGroup At The AI Conference, NYC

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is an essential part of the executive toolkit. RPA delivers value through automation of routine tasks as well as by solving complex enterprise problems. Today, RPA is at the cusp of another dramatic leap, powered by technology – cognitive and artificial intelligence (AI). The fifth Annual Automation Innovation Conference will focus on the AI Enabled Enterprise: Harmonizing RPA, Intelligent Automation & Cognitive. 

Join NeoGroup at the event to learn how you can take automation and cognitive to enterprise scale and explore what it means to have a digital workforce. Services are going digital and bot stores are open for business. How can you benefit from the immensely powerful toolkit that is now at your disposal? Do you even need them? How can you implement and measure value from AI?

Atul Vashistha, Chairman & CEO, NeoGroup, will be part of a panel on Automation as a Service – Managing Outcomes, Delivering ROI.

Atul is the Chairman and CEO of NeoGroup, a firm he founded in 1999. Neo is recognized globally as a leading supply and outsourcing analytics, monitoring and advisory firm.

Atul is recognized globally as a leading expert on globalization, outsourcing and governance. Consulting Magazine named Atul one of the ‘Top 25 Most Influential Consultants’ and ‘Top 6 IT Powerbrokers’. Globalization Today recognized Atul as an ‘Industry Most Influential Powerhouse 25’. Near Shore Americas recognized him as one of the Power 50. HRO and FAO Today named him a Superstar. He was inducted into the IAOP Hall of Fame in 2018. He serves on the Boards of Nearshore Executive Alliance, Shared Assessment and IAOP. He is also a frequent contributor to other magazines such as Fortune, CFO, WSJ and Business Finance.

NeoGroup is a trusted voice in the services sourcing space, with a reputation built over 17 years of successfully helping clients in Global Services Sourcing. Meet us at the event to explore how our trusted advisory can help you get the most out of automation for your enterprise.

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The Convene, 117 W 46th Street, NYC

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The Institute for Robotic Process Automation

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