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2016 Digital Priorities & Challenges Survey

February 12th, 2016|In The News


We’re interested in measuring what you and your peers consider to be the biggest priorities and challenges in 'digital projects,' - projects that are built around the latest digital tools, particularly in the areas of customer relationship management, customer experience and/or content management systems, social collaboration or digital product development. Your inputs are extremely valuable. This [...]

Getting Digital Done, Part Of The Neo Insights CxO Roundtable 2016 Series



Digital transformation is the number one priority for CIOs in 2016. But with key digital skills in high demand and hot new technologies coming to the market all the time, optimizing your ability to get digital done effectively is increasingly a challenge. We believe CIOs and other technology-driven business leaders should be asking themselves some [...]

2016 IAOP Outsourcing World Summit



The 2016 IAOP Outsourcing World Summit, the world’s most important gathering of outsourcing professionals, will take place in Buena Vista, FL from February 15 to 17, 2016. Will you be attending? Stop by the Neo Group booth in the Exhibitor Pavilion at the Summit Hall for a deeper overview of Neo’s research, analytics, and advisory [...]

Optimizing A Global Workforce Across Global Delivery Centers Using Neo’s Attractiveness & Fit Model

November 2nd, 2015|Whitepapers


Outsourcing has become a standard and accepted strategy for business leaders today thanks to the acceptance of the notion of “core competence” as the focal point for structuring a business. Many companies now have a mix of relationships with their own internal teams and supplier partners all over the world and striving for excellence [...]

Outsource2LAC 2015



Neo Group has been invited to speak at Outsource2LAC, the most prominent Outsourcing and Offshoring forum in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), taking place on 11-13 November 2015 in Guadalajara, Mexico. Now in its 5th year, the forum brings together key industry leaders from around the globe, Trade and Investment Promotion Organizations from more [...]

Attractiveness & Fit: A Practical Model To Optimize Your Sourcing Portfolio



If your 2016 business plans include any of the following, you will likely be faced with a need to review your portfolio of globalized business services: New business strategies/initiatives Growth/ Expansion/Diversification plans Mergers & Acquisitions New leadership or change in leadership outlook For many organizations already operating in a complex web of global relationships, the [...]

BPO Innovations Conference



Neo Group has been invited to speak at the BPO Innovations Conference taking place at Bohemian National Hall in NYC, NY on October 22, 2015. The BPO Innovations Conference, hosted by the Outsourcing Institute, brings together ambitious CEOs, CFOs and decision-makers to explore how innovation – constant, holistic, forward-thinking innovation – can deliver sustained, long-term [...]

IAOP European Outsourcing Summit 2015



Neo Group has been invited to Keynote at the European Outsourcing Summit (EOS) taking place on 18-20 October 2015 at the Frankfurt Marriott Hotel in Frankfurt, Germany. EOS is part of the IAOP Outsourcing World Summit Conference Series, the world’s best-known and most highly-respected executive conferences and forums on the topic of outsourcing. First launched in 1998, [...]

A Practical Roadmap For Successful Outsourcing Transitions

September 3rd, 2015|Whitepapers


Global transition is a key step for many businesses. They are either managing processes for the first time away from headquarters or expanding into new domains. Unless the transition is done well the chances are that the services delivered from the new location will be poor or substandard. A disciplined transition management is critical for [...]

How To Avoid Common Outsourcing Transition Challenges



The transition phase is a pivotal point in the lifecycle of an outsourcing relationship. If the transition fails or falls short of expectations, it can seriously impact the entire value of the buyer’s strategic plan. If the transition is effective, it establishes a strong backbone for continued success of the globalization initiative and overall strategy. Join us for [...]

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