Hot, Hot, Hot: Egypt And Kenya

July 25th, 2014|Articles


Neo Group and Global Supply Risk Monitor contribute analysis and insights in latest IAOP Pulse magazine’s Hot Spots feature on Egypt and Kenya. As published in IAOP’s Pulse Magazine: Egypt has one of the highest growth potential IPO-BPO markets in the Middle East. Kenya has a strong IT infrastructure and a national ICT Master Plan [...]

Hot, Hot, Hot: Australia And New Zealand

May 16th, 2014|Articles


As published in IAOP’s Pulse Magazine: In Australia, BPO is growing at more than 6 percent a year while the ITO growth rate is 4 percent. New Zealand is hailed as one of world’s top safe-haven economies – nicknamed the 'Rock Star' by CNBC. Check out this issue’s Hot Spot destinations. To access the full [...]

An In-Depth Look At Impact Sourcing

May 15th, 2014|Articles


At the IAOP 2014 Outsourcing World Summit, Neo Group CEO, Atul Vashistha, led a gameshow presentation on Impact Sourcing, where four service providers had the opportunity to present their business case for impact sourcing to a panel of judges that consisted of buy-side executive leaders. The following article not only recaps the key highlights and [...]

Open Water: Free Trade Zones – Game Changer In The Outsourcing Business?

January 2nd, 2014|Articles


This article was featured as the cover story in Issue 36 of Outsourcing Magazine. Click here to view the full issue. Introduction The past decade has witnessed an explosive rise of global outsourcing, an obvious corollary to globalization. Most analysts see this as the start of a trend that’s spreading to more supply side locations [...]

What Does The Future Hold?

November 19th, 2013|Articles


As published in IAOP’s Pulse magazine. Industry experts share their insights on developing trends for 2014.The coming year looks to bring more evolution to the industry - where old practices will die, new opportunities will emerge and the strongest will survive and thrive. To access the full article, please click on the link below: [...]

Don’t Build Fences, Build Bridges

June 18th, 2013|Articles


As we struggle in America to figure out how to stimulate the economy, we are seeing a rising sentiment against outsourcing. So, I wanted to take this opportunity to share my thoughts, though others have made many of these points in the last ten years. I did write a similar article five years ago [...]

Long Journey ‘Home’

May 14th, 2013|Articles


As recently as 2006, Pluto was a planet, Apple hadn’t broached the iPhone and India may have been the choice for low cost off-shoring – without serious significant competition. Today, as outsourcing and off-shoring users increasingly are contemplating the question of how easy or challenging it may be to bring work 'back' into an organisation, much [...]

A Tale Of Two Cities

April 12th, 2013|Articles


Take Bangalore and Mexico City as examples. Bangalore may well be the most recognized offshore global talent hub, particularly for information technology work. With more than 4,600 ITO and BPO companies operating there, including many of the world’s leading outsourcing firms, the city played a starring role in another book, Thomas Friedman’s The World is Flat. By [...]

Seeking Employment In Outsourcing? Here’s 5 Things To Consider

February 12th, 2013|Articles


As the economy continues to slowly improve, many are looking at opportunities outside their domestic markets and often with companies that are global players. We particularly heard from jobseekers looking at the global players such as Softtek, Genpact, Neusoft, Luxoft, TCS, Infosys, Cognizant and others. We also heard from employers and talked to them about [...]

Latin America: Trends, Traps And Emerging Opportunities

September 27th, 2012|Articles


For many out there, outsourcing seems to be defined largely by the above – people working for low compensation in locations such as India helping the client save significant monies. That is outsourcing to them. However, the recent downturn and current client experience has upset many notions and models that have been in place for [...]

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